Welcome to all of our new members!

To all of our paid members who are new to Sustainable Ballard … welcome!

Many of you have come to us via the Ballard Tool Library and may not be aware that Sustainable Ballard is so much more!  We hope that the Tool Library will turn out to be a great community resource for you, and we hope that you will explore Sustainable Ballard a little bit further to see if there might be something else we’re up to that appeals to you.  For everything from an overview to a detailed look at what we’re all about, check out our webpage:  www.sustainableballard.org.

We are a member-driven, grass-roots organization, with a focus on anything and everything that it takes to build a sustainable community.  Some highlights:

If you’re looking for some opportunities to help out in our community, we have ways!  Check these out:

Sustainable Ballard is a member of the Meaningful Movies network!  We hope you’ll attend a screening, or join the team!

Are you a knitter?  We have a group that gets together once a month to knit warmth for our neighbors who are out in the cold.

And there’s more!  To stay up-to-date, please follow our FaceBook Page.  And again, welcome!