Ballard Tool Library


7549B 15th Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98117

You can reserve specific tools at our website, or you can make a general appointment to browse our selection.

We’ll also accept your donations of used tools, and always need volunteers to support our mission.

Email for more information.

What is a tool library?

Just like a normal library, a tool library is a sustainable public service that provides community access to tools and an exchange of knowledge, at little to no cost.

What kinds of tools does Ballard Tool Library (BTL) have?

Whatever you need!  We use a very loose definition of “tool,” therefore our members can expect to find the usual drills, saws, etc. as well as sewing machines, juicers, marlinspikes, compost aerators, and many other dealy-bobs and whatchamacallits! We aim to build a collection that represents Ballard artists, craftspeople, gardeners, mariners, and putterers.

How Can I Join?

Easy!  As a supporting member of Sustainable Ballard, your membership is free! Just drop in during any of our open hours, sign our waiver and you can start borrowing tools right away! We just ask for a donation of $1-$10 per tool per week. Low to no cost options are available for those with limited income. If you aren’t a Sustainable Ballard supporting member, sign up here.

How Can I Help?

  • Join the Google group – Stay in the know and help with planning by joining our discussions in our Google Group.
  • Make a Donation – Support the Ballard Tool Library by making a tool donation during our open hours or by making a $5 or $500 donation (or anything in between) to Sustainable Ballard. Please note that you would like your funds to support the Ballard Tool Library.


This project is funded with support from Jackson Design Build.