Edible Garden Tour

13th Annual Edible Garden Tour – June 25, 2022

We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who came out on June 25 to join us for our 13th annual Edible Garden Tour. This year’s tour began at Sunset Hill Community Clubhouse, and participants had the opportunity to check out 19 beautiful gardens across Southwest Ballard on a self-guided adventure. We had perfect weather and live music at a few locations this year. In all, the event was a big success, with our largest attendance yet – we had 220 participants. That would not have been possible without the gracious support of our sponsors, so we also want to say thank you to Swanson’s Nursery, Limback Lumber, Dirt Exchange, Mimi’s Zero Waste Market and New Roots Organics. 

About the event: Each year, Sustainable Ballard hosts a fun tour highlighting many of the most gorgeous edible gardens across our neighborhood. The tour includes multiple gardens to explore within walking distance of each other. For those who have never been, plan to spend a day walking or biking through Ballard to discover how your neighbors raise urban fruits and vegetables. Speak with Master Gardeners to pick up expert growing tips and chat with the home gardeners themselves to learn the magic behind their masterpieces. If you’re new to gardening, we hope that you can join us at the next Edible Garden Tour to see what other gardeners in the neighborhood are doing and get some useful tips! 

Contact: Contact Alyssa for more information on next year’s Edible Garden Tour.

Be inspired! Learn from your neighbors!

Do you like to grow your food? Can you do it in your ‘hood?
Could you do it with your hands? Would you do it on your lands?
Could you garden in a box? Would you garden in your crocs?
Would you garden on a boat? Would you garden with a goat?

Could you garden in the shade? Would you garden with a spade?
Do you like a ripe tomata? Want to plant a rutabaga?
Would you, could you in the rain? Would you, could you feel no pain?
Could you grow food here or there? Would you garden anywhere?
You can plant, and sprout and eat! You can harvest, what a treat!
Plant a seed! Oh, gosh, oh gee!  Try it! Try it! You will see!

(with apologies to Dr. Suess)

Past Edible Garden Tour Photos