Our organization and its many projects run largely on passion, creativity, and volunteer commitment, with financial support from individuals like you, sponsors, and so far, one foundation.
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YOU can now become a Supporting Member of Sustainable Ballard. YOUR CONTRIBUTION will help us bring new projects to life more quickly and effectively, and will offset our monthly costs for meeting space, utilities and outreach. As our funding base grows, we’ll be able to work at a larger level to engage more and more Ballard neighbors in our vision of a sustainable Ballard, and also “seed” more sustainability groups in other neighborhoods.


Benefits now include an annual membership to the Ballard Tool Library. Visit our MEMBERSHIP PAGE to learn more about supporting member benefits and to make your donation online.

We appreciate your tax-deductible contribution!

If you would like to join by check, please mail your check to:

Sustainable Ballard
2442 NW Market St. PMB 286
Seattle, WA 98107