Board Game and Puzzle Swap

Saturday May 11th 12:00 pm at the Greenwood Library

Clean out your game closet, get something new to play or assemble, and mingle with other gamers in the neighborhood!

Typically, we meet up at least 3 times each year and host a Game and Puzzle Swap at various Ballard locations. Some swaps will take place in parks when the weather is nicer. We will also meet up inside during the winter months.

What to bring:
Kid, family, or adult board games, card games, or puzzles that you have already enjoyed and want to pass along. Games and puzzles should be in good shape, and all pieces should be included. You can exchange up to five games and/or puzzles. Feel free to bring extra. Anything not claimed in the exchange will be donated to various community groups in need of some joy!

How it works:
Arrive with your games and puzzles and check in. You’ll receive a token for each game or puzzle you bring (up to five). Take a look at what’s available, get to know other neighborhood gamers. Once the swap begins we will draw tokens and if you have a token that matches, select a game from what’s available.