Sustainable Ballard, started in 2003, is a non-profit organization developing a grassroots vision of sustainability for the community of Ballard. Sustainability roughly means “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs,” and it is a philosophy which affects every sphere of human activity. Sustainable Ballard embraces the idea that we are all founders of a sustainable Ballard, where community self-reliance and sustainability is good foreign policy implemented locally.

Sustainable Ballard grew from the frustrations of 3 peace activists recognizing that the Iraq War as due in part to oil dependence. Comprised of local neighbors, Sustainable Ballard originally organized around the idea of Ballard becoming the first US town to become energy independent. We decided it was critical to start a discussion with the town of Ballard about what we see as great economic, societal, and environmental challenges facing our community ahead. This effort is about empowering all of us to take steps toward big and small changes together. Everything from driving less to growing and eating local food to reduce heating fuel use and shopping locally has been our mission as we work toward creating a stronger community.

Currently working with over 25 different organizations, Sustainable Ballard invites all people, organizations, and businesses to find their place on the spectrum of responsibility and sustainability.

This is a community-wide effort and we encourage everyone to join us at meetings and events. Check out our Events and browse our activities and projects to find something related to your interests.

We look forward to meeting you!