Ask a Board Member – Paula J

January’s Sustainable Ballard Board meeting was a great coming together and kick off for everyone as we and our neighbors begin to re-energize and focus on how we want to be involved. It is no time to sit back and let others do it — let’s all help create a place that defines who we are, especially as Ballard undergoes such rapid growth.

New community members attended the meeting and we have several new board members, who I hope will be writing in this space to introduce themselves and their visions / projects for Ballard.  We re-organized  into three new working groups.  I am here inviting any of you to join me for a chat over coffee in Ballard about any aspect of Sustainable Ballard projects I have volunteered with, including the Edible Garden Tour, Market Gleaning, and Little Free Libraries.  I look forward to further conversation.

~ Paula
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