Waiting for Public Libraries to Open?

Little Free Libraries Citywide Become a Community Focus.

by Paula Jenson

While Seattlites await the re opening of our public libraries and book stores, Little Free Libraries have become a community focus in many neighborhoods.

In Mount Baker two young boys maintain their box as both a pantry and a book exchange. Inspired, perhaps, by a new nonprofit, Little Free Pantry, which has been a recent spin off of Little Free Library.

Little Free Libraries, which now number near 100, 000 worldwide, often reflect their locations. Those near churches often stock Christian texts, while those near schools are often out of children’s books because of such high demand.

In Ballard, I have seen collected seeds offered, sewing patterns, and music sheets along with many great cookbooks and travel tomes all appealing to those interests that we now have perhaps more time to engage in.

One Ballard box owner has decorated her box with Toothless, the dragon from “How to Train Your Dragon,” and has convinced her daughter to share some of her favorite books in their box, after having read them enough times.

Email me, Paula, about a favorite book that you found in a Ballard Little Library, and perhaps a review for our next newsletter! I also have a large number of our newest Ballard map of Little Free Libraries that I would love distribute to the boxes.  Please contact me to pick up for distribution.

Reminders to use hand sanitizer, not to cough sneeze nearby, and try to touch only those books you plan to take