Tiny House Update

An update from Low Income Housing Institute, on Tiny Houses and Encampments ~

We have 40 tiny houses (8’ x 12’) built with many paid for and built by volunteers. These are located at three different sites: Othello Village, the Tiny House Village at 22 and Union, and Ballard (NW Market Street).  See the photo collage, below.

Since October, 39 people have moved into transitional or permanent housing (mostly LIHI housing): 23 moved into shelters, 3 united with relatives, and 24 obtained employment. The City of Seattle Human Services Department (HSD) is contracting with LIHI to pay for a portion of operations and case management services at the three city-sanctioned encampments at Ballard, Interbay and Othello Village. We have 26 people living at Ballard, 56 at Interbay and 43 at Othello Village. Othello Village opened March 8 and Nickelsville will continue to add residents as more tiny houses get built.

At the Tiny House Village we have 14 tiny houses on land owned by the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd. LIHI just got the plumber to complete construction of the shower pavilion. Now everyone can take a hot shower! We also have a restroom pavilion and a kitchen tent with a microwave, a fridge, a coffee pot and a bread making machine! We thank the Lucky Seven Foundation for their donation to cover the cost of constructing the shower.

Thank you for your support for tiny houses and tent encampments. We know we are making a difference when families and individuals are living in tiny houses and safe encampments instead of on the streets. We are demonstrating that by combining self-management from Nickelsville and SHARE with case management services from LIHI that we can successfully move homeless people into stable housing and gainful employment.

Cheers, Sharon

Sharon H. Lee
Executive Director
Low Income Housing Institute

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