@ the FESTIVAL! – Ingraham High School Cheerleaders are our Green Team!

Sustainable Ballard is excited to announce that members of the Ingraham High School Cheer Squad will be volunteering at this year’s festival.  In addition to leading fans at football and basketball games as they cheer their Rams to victory, they also compete on their own.  Last year they went to the State Cheer competition at the UW for the first time ever and got a taste of what it takes to compete at that level.  Of course it takes more than just hard work to get there; it also takes money to pay for entrance to each competition, transportation, props and choreographers. 

We love that the Cheer Squad is going beyond just ASKING for money and wants to EARN it by giving to the community. They’ll be joining our “Green Team” at the festival, cheering on festival goers as they find the right place for their recyclable and compostable waste.  Keeping compost and recyclables out of the waste stream is an action worth cheering and we hope you will cheer them back by making a donation to the squad at one of our Resource Recovery Stations. You can look at your donation as doing double duty – helping IHS Cheer, and helping them donate time to Sustainable Ballard.
If you won’t be in town we will gladly accept your check made out to IABC Cheer and mailed to 1819 N 135th St, Seattle, WA 98133.

Thanks so much, and see you @ the FESTIVAL!