Talk: Trees as Solutions – Nov 29

People speak of inventing a wonderful “technology” that can pull carbon out of the air and solve climate change. We don’t need to invent it—it’s called a tree. Deforestation drags us toward death; reforestation leads us toward life. We each need to plant 150 trees to help bring the world carbon parts per million level closer to 350 ppm. Come and learn about real steps we can take together to protect, restore, and grow Washington’s wonderful foresSts, which in addition to all the other amazing things they do, capture lots of carbon. Learn about why you and trees are part of the solution. Sponsored by Plant for the Planet and Interfaith Community Sanctuary.

When:  Tuesday, November 29, 7pm – 8:30pm
Where:  Interfaith Community Sanctuary, 1763 NW 62nd St