Sustainable Ballard Knitters for the Homeless reminder: It’s not summer yet!

Cool and wet is better than cold and wet, but warmies still needed.

The knitters continue to create scarves and hats from donated yarn and their own stashes. It’s a treat to deliver them from the bench on the porch to the Urban Rest Stop, the Vehicle Residents Program, and more.

Join us for our virtual knitting meetings on 3rd Tuesdays for company, “technical support”, or just an excuse to knit!

Ballard Knitters for the Homeless – who we are: people who have never knit before, people who haven’t knit in a long time, and people who are knitting pros! We are happy to teach you to knit or work on a new pattern, and it’s okay if there are mistakes – they’re just as warm and it shows some sincerity. Come enjoy the opportunity to create and keep others warm through the winter.

When we meet:  Third Tuesday of every month, 7pm – 9pm normally at The Dane, but virtually during COVID restrictions.  Contact Jody for the Zoom link.

Who we donate to:  Nyer Urness House, Cheryl Chow Court, the Bridge Care Center, and the Ballard Urban Rest Stop.

Project Contact: Jody Grage

If you have yarn to donate, email Jody. And thanks!!!