Sprouts Project Starting Up Again

In February the Sprouts Project will start up again and run until the end of May.

The Sprouts project starts seeds, transplants seeds, tends the small plants and donates them to the Seattle Giving Garden Network (SGGN) which is a network of gardeners growing food for the Food Banks.  See more about SGGN here: http://www.sggn.org

The goal is to have healthy, well-hardened off, organic plants available for transplanting into Giving Gardens once the weather has warmed up. We ask volunteers to commit to volunteer one hour a week at the greenhouse.  The greenhouse is located in Ballard.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Sprouts Project, let Paula know. You will be contacted and scheduled for a project orientation in early February.

If you were one of the many Sustainable Ballard volunteers on the Sprouts Project last year let me extend a heartfelt thanks for all you did in 2019 and you are welcome to volunteer again in 2020!!

~ Kit, Project Lead