Signs of Summer Bounty Ahead Mean More Helping Hands Needed

Rumor has it that the first summer squash of the year has been spotted at the Ballard Farmer’s Market! Late spring produce is in full swing, and our gleaning hauls will only increase as we move into summer. We could always use more volunteers to help us in filling the Ballard Food Bank’s fridge with fresh market goodies!

You can sign up here to Join the Volunteer Gleaning Team!. Gleaning is a great way to make new friends (volunteers and farmers alike!), support our local food economy, and provide high quality produce to those in need. 

Shout out to our new volunteers who have joined the team over the past few months: Brianna, Ashley, Whelan, Cailin, Rachel, and Lesya! Come join the fun and make a positive difference in your local community. We Glean every Sunday all year round and have volunteer opportunities for 1 time a quarter to as frequently as a few times each month.