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Engage in 30 days of exploring peace, justice, and sustainability

Reflecting the themes of the Seeing Systems book, this email series offers daily prompts & insights framed in bite-sized pieces for your individual learning and enrichment.

For 30 days, immerse yourself in and take action on three of humanity’s most inspiring visions and most pressing challenges: peace, justice, and sustainability.

– A daily email lands in your inbox offering a single action and supporting resources. An action may take form as learning, reading, watching, listening, conversing, researching, or sharing.
– Each email is designed to be bite-sized – simple, focused learning.
– Six themes center these emails:
1. It’s All Connected
2. Peaceful Communication
3. Justice for the Whole Community
$. Conflict Transformation
5. Responding to Systemic Violence
6. Co-Creating Living Peace
– The first 5 emails are dedicated to “It’s All Connected”. The remaining emails cycle through the other themes.
– The cadence of emails is 5 days of actions, 2 days of rest, 5 days of actions, and so on. We invite you to use these rest days to reflect or to catch up on your actions before the next round of emails.

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