Volunteer Opportunities

Seattle Giving Garden Network seeks webmaster and financial coordinator

The Seattle Giving Garden Network ( works to connect gardeners all over Seattle that are growing food for food banks. Last year volunteers grew 25,000 vegetable starts and distributed thousand of seed packets to giving gardeners. Together, these community giving gardens provided over 20 tons of produce for Seattle area food banks and mission kitchens.

SGGN is looking for two new volunteers.

  1. A webmaster to update the website. We would like the various gardeners (think of the 60-80 p-patches that have a plot or two for giving) to be able to submit photos and stories about the produce they are growing and donating. Like the Sustainable Ballard website with its ability to showcase different projects. Do you have this knowledge, expertise? Would you be willing to become the webmaster and modernize All the content would come from the gardeners.
  2. SGGN is looking for a financial coordinator. SGGN has an annual budget of about $5000 that is used to fund the Ballard Sprouts project and various infrastructure projects at the giving gardens. This person would communicate with the SGGN team and keep a spreadsheet to monitor the budget and the projects that are being funded. This person would review the expenses and authorize reimbursement from (not to be confused with the same name ending in .com). GROW is a registered 501(c)(3) who manages the funds for SGGN and for p-patches. Can you volunteer in this capacity?

The giving gardeners have their hands in the dirt. These two volunteer activities can be done from the convenience of your home.

Send an email to to express your interest