Edible Garden Tour – June 28

Edible Garden Tour

6th Annual Tour – June 28th, 10 am – 3 pm

Buy your ticket/map at the start point: Ballard P-Patch / Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Church parking lot, NW 85th Street & 25th Avenue NW, on the day of the tour.
Cost: $10 per person (kids are free)

egt12 bee

Now in it’s 6th year, the Edible Garden Tour has been an inspiration to hundreds of gardeners every June. This fun walking / biking tour highlights neighborhood gardens, planting strips, containers, raised beds, chickens, bees and all sorts of creative edibles from fruit trees to berries to veggies galore.

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Each year we visit a different quadrant of Ballard. Northwest Ballard will be the area featured in the upcoming 2014 Edible Garden Tour.  In 2013 we covered Central Ballard; 2012 NE Ballard; 2011 SW Ballard; 2010 SE Ballard; and in 2009 we started in NW Ballard, so we are beginning the cycle again.

Volunteers are still needed for the day before and day of the event.  If you are interested, please email Paula or phone 789-4648.

Do you like to grow your food?
Do you do it your ‘hood?
Would you do it with your hands?
Would you do it on your lands?

Would you garden on a boat?
Would you garden with a goat?
Would you plant a rutabaga?
Would you like a ripe tomata?

Could you do it in a pot?
Could you do it on your lot?
Would you, could you in the rain?
Would you, could you feel no pain?

Would you garden in a box?
Would you garden in your crocs?
Could you grow food here or there?
Could you garden anywhere?

What you plant you’ll want to eat!
You can harvest, what a treat!
Plant a seed. Oh, gosh, oh gee!
Try it! Try it! You will see!

Project Leads: PaulaJennifer