ReGenerate! Seattle Sustainability Summit & Awards

Presented by Sustainable Seattle


The need to build our climate resilience has powerful implications for development, infrastructure, and social connections — from how we deal with the increasing threats of climate disruptions and how we, as a community, can plan to recover and thrive.

Re-envisioned in 2021 as (Re)Generate!, the summit is a direct, hands-on action that examines the unique challenges, as well as the opportunities, in preparing our region for the impacts of climate disruption.

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Summit Features:

Monday, September 14:
Keynote Address: Announcement coming soon!

Monday & Tuesday
Working Groups: Up to five special topic groups, led by a facilitator, will dive deep into a specific challenge. At the conclusion of the summit, the working groups prepare a summary and white paper for local stakeholders.

Workshop and panels: Interactive workshops and subject matter experts.

Community Action Market: An opportunity for community members to connect with organizers and businesses, and to activate community. Sign up volunteers, share your cause, engage!

Tuesday Evening:
Sustainability Leadership Awards and Reception: The signature event will take place as part of the summit. Our communities are made ready by the leadership of extraordinary actors. For over a decade, the Sustainability Leadership Awards connects communities and inspires the leader within by celebrating the work of regional experts, organizers, and multiple industry sectors. Even in challenging times, nature provides abundance.

2021 Award Categories:
💚 The Heart of Sustainability
🏞️ Home for Good
🌱 Food & Gratitude
✊ Policy for People
S2 is committed to making all of our events accessible to the entire community. Those who are most impacted by climate change and unsustainable practices, are often left out of the conferences, gatherings, and ceremonies highlighting leadership in the sector. You can help ensure equitable access to this event by registering early and generously.
If you are experiencing barriers to accessing these events, please reach out so we can streamline access and ensure our programs are truly welcoming for all!