Meaningful Movies : Sustainable Ballard Presents “Plane Truths” – Oct 28

The recent expansion of Navy training activities in the Northwest has many local residents concerned. Community members on Whidbey Island, the San Juans, and the Olympic Peninsula are disturbed by an increase in noise caused by new EA-18G “Growler” jets based at Naval Air Station Whidbey (NAS)—and a significant proposed expansion of daily Growler test flights. On Whidbey, communities have been additionally impacted by water system pollution caused by chemicals used for firefighting on NAS landing strips.

The new 30-minute film PLANE TRUTHS explores a variety of perspectives on these issues from farmers, current and retired military personnel, environmentalists and other citizens of the affected areas. Viewers will learn how the noise of the Growler jets has affected daily life and business operations in many communities, the regional environmental impacts of expanded Growler flights and newly approved Navy training in Olympic National Forest, potential economic ramifications of increased Navy activity and associated population growth, and the status of—and Navy response to—water system pollution on Whidbey Island.

Please join Meaningful Movies : Sustainable Ballard on Sunday, October 28th @ 5:30pm at Bauhaus Strong Coffee for a screening of PLANE TRUTHS along with another short documentary film, CULTIVATING KIDS, both by filmmakers Mark Dworkin and Melissa Young.  The filmmakers hope to be at the screening to lead a discussion after each film.


Whidbey Island filmmakers Mark Dworkin & Melissa Young (Moving Images) are veteran documentary producers, with prestigious awards from CINE, Houston, Columbus, Prix Leonardo, International Wildlife, Women in Film/Seattle, Chicago, NW Film and Video Festivals.

Six Moving Images films have been broadcast nationwide on PBS, most recently, SHIFT CHANGE [2014], exploring the worker co-op business model. The film CULTIVATING KIDS [2016], showcases the unique school farm program in the South Whidbey school district.