Choose Your Transit Journey

Walk, Bike, Drive, Bus? Choose Your Transit Mode & Measure Your Environmental Impact

Compare your greenhouse gas emissions with various transit modes on Map My Emissions.

The website is super user friendly and easy to use:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your starting address
  3. Enter your ending address
  4. Select your mode of transit – driving, walking, cycling, public transit
  5. Press Go

The calculator will tell you how many pounds of carbon emitted & the social impact.

For example if you are choosing to drive vs. take public transit from Ballard to Downtown Seattle your environmental impact doubles!!

Mode: midsized gas car 

Emissions: 4.71 lb of CO2-e – the equivalent of burning 2 lbs of coal!
Social cost: $0.22 ($81.76 annually)


Mode: Public transit 

Emissions: 2.33 lb of CO2-e 
Social cost: $0.11 ($40.54 annually)