Invasive Trees Haunt the Urban Forest

From our friends at Trees for Seattle / City of Seattle

You might think they look pretty, birds love them, but don’t be deceived! Some trees do more harm than good, lurking within the urban forest, quietly threatening the health and vitality of our valuable trees and shrubs. English hollyEuropean hawthorn, and cherry laurel are just a few of the common invaders, spreading quickly and aggressively hogging all the water, light, and nutrients just for themselves.

To defend the health and diversity of Seattle’s urban forest, it’s best to get rid of these invasive trees while they are still small and manageable. Pull young seedlings as soon as they sprout and definitely avoid intentionally planting them in yards and gardens. Check out the Trees for Seattle website to learn more about planting the right tree for your yard – as we work together to grow a healthy urban forest, those invasives don’t stand a chance!

Invasive weeds like the English ivy pictured here are attacking our urban forest. Seemingly harmless at first, ivy can grow more than 10 feet in one year, causing trees to weaken and fall long before their time is up. You can help by removing weeds like ivy from around your home and planting or maintaining trees at an upcoming work party!