Barter in Ballard – Mar 28

Backyard Barter is coming to Ballard in March!  Here are a couple of upcoming Backyard Barter events:

March 28 @ 1pm, Ballard Public LIbrary
April 19 @ 12pm, Second Use Building Materials, 3223 – 6th Ave S, Seattle

About Backyard Barter:

Backyard Barter supports the homemade and homegrown bartering community in the Seattle area. Founded in 2011, we are a volunteer run organization, and a fiscally sponsored Project of Seattle Tilth. We host monthly barters city wide 10-12 mo/year.

How to participate:

Our events are casual and fun, and usually scheduled for a two-hour block. We ask that people arrive/sign in and set up their goods in the first 30 minutes of the event – we start bartering at ‘halftime’.

What to bring? Here is a partial list of bartered items at past events: eggs, honey, baked goods, handmade soap, edible plants, garden seeds, fruit/vegetables/herbs, kefir, kimchi, beer/mead, jams/jellies, homemade yogurt, homemade laundry soap, homemade skin care products, redworms for vermiculture, compost tea, and ornamental plants. Your sign in sheet will have space for item descriptions, but some people also prepare labels and/or ingredient lists (eg gluten free baked goods) ahead of time.

Backyard Barter garden eye candy
The exchange value of any given item is up to each barter participant. The process is a simple one, ‘would you like to trade your (eg jar of blackberry jam) for my (eg loaf of bread)..’ or whatever you are trading. It’s fun, come join us!