From Forterra: Learn About Evergreen Carbon Capture

Maybe you read Danny Westneat’s op-ed earlier this week about Seattle’s new climate-change check-up? Sadly, we’re getting a failing grade. Years back, we set the intention of driving down emissions to below our 1990 levels. Today we’re 3% above those numbers. The picture for the full state is even worse. Washington overall sits at 8% above 1990 emissions.

If anything is clear — whether from the recent report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or two years of choking summer wildfires, or the plight of salmon and the Orca who need them — it’s that action is needed now. At every level — from systemic to personal. Quoting Danny:

So neither the Emerald City nor the Evergreen State got green after all.

Why not? Well there’s been the reluctance of the voters and the political system to do much about the issue in a big way.

But there’s also the small, individual things. Reading the city’s carbon-footprint report, I realized it was basically describing me. Not only do I still drive to work in a gas-fueled car, but my family is on track to take a record number of flights this year. Start with aging parents in faraway places, add one kid in college out of state and another looking there, and all of a sudden we’re in frequent-flyer clubs on multiple airlines.

I know from the report that I’m no outlier in this progressive utopia.

If this strikes close to home, think about the meaningful steps we can alltake now in our families and organizations: businesses, nonprofits, clubs, faith communities. For example, find ways to offset our own emissions.

That’s exactly what Seattle Sounders FC has done. After systematically quantifying the team’s carbon footprint, and taking active steps to reduce it, the Sounders are offsetting what remains with Forterra’s Evergreen Carbon Capture program, which plants trees.

The trees being planted will not only soak up carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas. They will also add to the region’s beauty, enhance the health of our neighborhoods, and filter water entering our streams and rivers — and ultimately the Sound itself (helping our salmon and our Orca).

Last Sunday, Coach Brian Schmetzer and players Alex RoldanCristian Roldan, and Nick Hinds (Tacoma Defiance) joined ForterraDIRT Corps, and more than a hundred Sounders fans at Hamm Creek just off the Duwamish River. The day’s goal: make a start on the Sounders’ carbon-neutral commitment by planting hundreds of small cedars and hemlocks. In the decades to come these saplings will grow into carbon-gulping giants.

With this step, the Sounders are pumping even greater meaning into their great game-day chant (taken from the old Perry Como song): “The bluest skies you’ve ever seen are in Seattle, and the hills the greenest green are in Seattle.”

What will you do? Time to look into Evergreen Carbon Capture?

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Photos by Lindsey Wasson