@ the FESTIVAL! – Give your child’s old car seat a new life

Have an outgrown car seat you’d like to pass along to a family in need? Looking for a place to recycle your expired or damaged car seat? Bring your unwanted children’s car seats to the Sustainable Ballard Festival on Sunday, September 28th, 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., and we’ll make sure they are either safely reused or recycled. A $5 voluntary donation is requested to offset the cost of recycling.

This year, Reuse and Recycling is a dominant theme at the Sustainable Ballard Festival, with car seat recycling, trash fashion, a kid’s bike and pet parade, a local coffee cup campaign and more. Car seats will be collected in the AmericanWest Bank parking lot near Joann Fabrics.

What:  Car Seat Recycling at Sustainable Ballard Festival
When:  Sunday, Sept. 28, 11 am – 6 pm
Where:  AmericanWest Bank (formerly Viking Bank); 2237 NW 57th Street (between 22nd Ave NW & 24th Ave NW), Seattle, WA 98107
To enter:  If driving, please enter from 56th Street; if walking, please enter from 57th Street
Donation:  A $5 donation per seat is requested (Up to 10 seats per person maximum; call 206-441-1790 if you have larger quantities)

Zero Waste Washington and CoolMom are partnering on this one-day event with WestSide Baby and Total Reclaim. Car seats that have not expired and have not been in an accident will go to WestSide Baby. Those that are safe to reuse will be provided to agencies for delivery to low income families who need them.

Car seats that can’t be reused will be sent to Total Reclaim for disassembly and recycling. Each car seat contains about 15 pounds of rigid plastic and metal that can be made into something new. That means fewer valuable materials in the landfill and fewer greenhouse gases!

Zero Waste Washington and CoolMom are delighted to work with our partners to make this event possible. However, ongoing drop-off opportunities and sustainable financing will be needed to make car seat recycling viable for the long-term. We’re continuing to work toward that goal and toward having a pilot car seat recycling program available in Seattle and King County by mid-2015. Look for the launch of our new website about car seat reuse and recycling soon.

This project was funded through a grant from Washington State Department of Ecology. While these materials were reviewed for grant consistency, this does not necessarily constitute endorsement by Ecology.