February Waste Reduction Tips

With the new year in full swing, February is the perfect time to eat chocolate and solidify your commitment to recycling and reducing waste.  Show Mother Nature how much you love her with these fun, easy waste reduction tips.

Valentine Celebrations

Show your valentine how much you care with homemade goodies – cookies, chocolates and other treats. Don’t forget to use reusable or recyclable packaging – paper bags, Tupperware and newspaper. Get inspired with these gift boxes from recycled cards.

While the colors most associated with Valentine’s Day are pink and red, there are a ton of ways we can turn the holiday a little more green.  Check out these ideas from DIYNatural.

Send electronic cards or cards made from recycled materials. Better yet, make your own recycled cards from old cards, paper scraps and magazines. This can be a great project for kids.

Instead of giving cut flowers, consider potted flowers and plants that can be enjoyed inside long-term or planted in the spring. If you receive cut flowers, don’t forget to compost them when they are ready to move on.

Buy local chocolates. Fortunately, we have world-renowned options right here in the Northwest: Theo Chocolates, Fran’s and Seattle Chocolates.

Every year, 3 billion plastic gift cards enter circulation. If you receive any this Valentine’s Day or if you have any used cards from the holidays, mail them to Earthworks.

Winter Sports

Look for sporting goods made from recycled materials – hiking shoes with recycled rubber soles, recycled rubber basketballs and even ski jackets and sleeping bags made from recycled plastic.

If you’re trying a new winter sport, consider renting or borrowing equipment. For sports you regularly participate in, purchase used sports equipment – skis, snowboards, snowshoes and sleds.

President’s Day Sales

Look for items made with minimal packaging.

Avoid getting caught up in the buying frenzy. If you find a good deal, before purchasing, ask yourself if you really need and will use the item.

Don’t forget to bring those reusable shopping bags for your purchases.