Meaningful Movies : Sustainable Ballard Presents “Rights of Nature”

July 28, 2019 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
The Date
8000 -15th Ave NW
Margaret Wetter

“The Rights of Nature: A Global Movement” tells the story of a growing environmental initiative in which natural areas are given legal status. The filming team traveled to Ecuador, New Zealand and Santa Monica, California to learn how each of these locations have changed laws and mindsets to recognize the rights of nature.

The “Rights of Nature” is a world-wide movement creating human communities that respect and defend the rights of nature. The primary premise of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature is that in order to ensure an environmentally sustainable future, humans must reorient themselves from an exploitative and ultimately self-destructive relationship with nature, to one that honors the deep interrelation of all life and contributes to the health and integrity of the natural environment. An essential step in achieving this is to create a system of jurisprudence that sees and treats nature as a fundamental, rights-bearing entity and not as mere property to be exploited at will.

Please join Meaningful Movies : Sustainable Ballard on Sunday, July 28th @ 5:30pm at The Dane, 8000 – 15th Ave NW, for a screening of Rights of Nature. We invite you to stay after the film for a presentation and discussion.

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