Ballard Community Taskforce on Homelessness and Hunger

April 24, 2014 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Nyer Urness House, East Meeting Room
1753 Northwest 56th Street
Seattle, WA 98107
Orna Locker

This month’s topic:  

Mental Health and Homelessness – Realities and Services

We will hear from guest speakers from HOST and REACH, two entities that provide mental health services to homeless people, about the realities of mental health and homelessness and about the services their agencies provide, downtown as well as in Ballard.  There will be time for Q&A and discussion as well.  See below for more information about HOST and REACH.
Meeting is open to all – please join us!

HOST is an interdisciplinary team of 16 mental health, chemical dependency and medical professionals. Together, they interrupt the cycle of homelessness and instability for people living on the streets of Seattle with untreated schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other serious mental illnesses and often co-existing chemical dependency, and ensure a smooth transition to a mainstream mental health provider.  HOST delivers critical survival and support services and intensive case management to our city’s most underserved and ill residents.  In addition, HOST provides annual training to SPD’s Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) in appropriate ways to engage mentally ill individuals in crisis, and to Seattle Public Library and Parks Dept. staff, homeless shelters and human services organizations, churches and community groups about interacting with mentally ill people.

Since 1996, REACH has provided outreach and intensive case management to chronically homeless, addicted adults with high needs in downtown Seattle.  REACH’s case management is based on a variety of harm reduction techniques and a “meet the clients where they’re at” approach. REACH provides street-based, not facility-based, outreach, that is not contingent upon a client’s sobriety or abstinence.

The Ballard Taskforce on Homelessness and Hunger meets monthly to discuss, learn about and seek solutions to issues related to homelessness.  Meetings are open to all community members who care about helping people experiencing homelessness, and who want to work toward ending homelessness.

Mission of the Taskforce: The BCTHH works to end homelessness and hunger in the Ballard community by providing a forum for service providers, community advocates and governmental agencies to share information, capitalize on their collective resources and coordinate efforts. We will work as advocates of change and partners of compassion toward a just and supportive community.


* Encourage local residents and community organizations to work with community members who face homeless and/or hunger.
* Support and partner with non-profit, religious, government, for-profit and community groups who provide programs and resources for vulnerable residents in our community.
* Mobilize resources within and outside Ballard to provide adequate food, shelter and supportive services for all residents of Ballard.
* Provide a venue for honest, open discussion of the challenges faced by homeless residents and the groups that serve them, including ways to meet those challenges successfully.
* Link individuals with unique challenges with organizations that provide relevant specialized services.