City Fruit is Working to Save Seattle’s Apples!

Consider City Fruit’s Services to Make Sure Your Trees’ Fruit is Saved!

Seattle is home to thousands of fruit trees, and there’s a good chance that one of these trees graces your property or rental’s backyard.

City Fruit since 2008 has worked with neighbors throughout Seattle to harvest excess fruit from these trees and donate them to local food banks and meal programs, thus diverting food from waste and sharing delicious, healthy fruit with neighbors who may not have access to fresh fruit. Last year, even when the pandemic limited our efforts, City Fruit was still able to harvest and redirect more than 23,000 pounds of good fruit.

But good fruit doesn’t just happen. Caring for fruit trees is an ongoing process that involves pruning, mulching and checking on soil quality, and harvesting and cleaning up fallen fruit to prevent infestations.

In May and June, City Fruit will be helping some tree owners with netting and bagging their apple blooms – a process that will help keep codling moths from destroying the fruit. They will also be helping tree owners mulch the tree ring around their trees and recommending the planting of other plants that may help create a permaculture environment around your tree to help the tree grow.

If you’re interested in learning more about tree care services, please go to, If they can’t help with services, but you’re interested in learning more about their work in public orchards or how to donate fruit from your trees, please contact