Enjoy a beverage, meet new people and have fun while knitting! – Feb 18

When:  Tuesday, Feb 18, 7pm-9pm

Where:  At The Dane!  8000 – 15th Ave NW

Who:  Anyone!  Seasoned knitters, novice knitters, ex-knitters, future knitters, sometime knitters, skilled or un-skilled.  What you don’t know, we will teach!  If you have yarn and needles, please bring some for yourself and some to share.

This is the time of year when warmies are needed — it’s cold at night! A knitted item plus kindness equals additional warmth for our homeless neighbors.

Jody Grage leads this group to knit simple hats and scarves for community members who do not have a home.  Jody will teach easy, pretty patterns and walk you through your project.  Typically on the third Tuesday of the month.

Questions?  Email or call Jody at 206-718-1529.