Call for Ballard Tool Library Volunteers

We’re looking to connect members of the greater Ballard community with the tools they need and the know-how to create projects. The Ballard Tool Library will be a wonderful resource for our community – little or no cost tool rentals and members looking to share knowledge with one another. “Tool” can be broadly defined.  Some ideas that have been kicked around include: wood working tools, gardening tools, sewing machines/sergers, masonry tools, marine tools, brewing equipment, canning supplies, recreational gear…the sky is the limit.  Besides tool rentals, we could have a community workspace, classes, job training – and facilitate the sharing of knowledge and resources in so many other ways.
So what will the Ballard Tool Library end up looking like? That’s up to you: the volunteers.
Volunteers might…
  • Attend monthly planning meetings
  • Design a floor plan
  • Work on the Ballard Tool Library Space (building shelving, etc.)
  • Reach out to the Ballard community
  • Apply for grants
  • Work as a Project Facilitator at the library
We are looking for volunteers to help out with the Ballard Tool Library now! Volunteers can commit to as little as a couple hours a month. We’d love to have people help out as much as they can, but recognize that not everyone has a lot of time available. We already have a lead on a space and we could ramp this project up quickly if the pieces fall into place. If we could start with just 10 volunteers, we would be in a great position as the Ballard Tool Library turns from concept into reality.
Please reach out to Dan McKeon if you are interested in helping create the Ballard Tool Library or have any questions: