Ballard Sprouts 2021 Report and Fundraiser

SEEDMoney Campaign starts on Monday, Nov 15 and run until December 15th!

This year, 2021, Ballard Sprouts grew and donated 25,000 plants to Seattle Giving Gardeners. These gardeners grow the food and donate it to the local food banks. We spent $2500.00 on seeds, soil, fertilizer, pots, electricity, lumber (to set up more 2×4’s to hold more pots) and greenhouse repairs.

Sprouts expenses are paid by the Seattle Giving Garden Network ( SGGN is now fundraising to cover next year expenses. SGGN uses a platform called to publicize our work and request donations.

It is a national platform where gardening projects all over the country can showcase their projects and campaign for fundraising.  It does not take any overhead from the donations.

Starting today, Monday, November 15th at 9am, make a contribution that will fund Ballard Spouts in 2022!!