21 Acres: Tuesdays at 21, Creative Re-Imaginings for Food Systems – Jan 13

The Tuesdays at 21 series begins the new year with:
Creative Re-Imaginings for Food Systems: The Art and Science of Bees, Flight, and Food.  Panelist discussion by Dexter Chapin, Catherine Calvert, and Cristina Orbe

A night to imaginatively explore the question “What is an ideal food system?”.  Diverse thought leaders Cristina Orbe, Catherine Calvert and Dexter Chapin weigh in to inspire an audience discussion led in the creative tradition of musician Brian Eno’s “oblique strategies” for lateral thinking.

There will be honey and beverage tastings to help unleash our creative capacities!

Info on Oblique Strategies: http://lifehacker.com/brian-enos-oblique-strategies-cards-break-down-creativ-1612072551

And, plan to join us February 24 to discuss bee ecology and mason bees. Watch for more dates and details on coming topics in the series.

Tuesdays at 21 Acres; a presentation series

More about Tuesdays at 21
Tuesdays at 21 are a nearly-free, crowd-sourced, evening presentation series for the broader Sammamish Valley region hosted monthly at the Center for Local Food and Sustainable Living. The goal of Tuesdays at 21 is to provide community members with a unique opportunity to learn from and to share with people in the interdisciplinary fields within sustainability.

Each Tuesdays at 21 will focus on a particular topic and consist of one to three relevant presentations coordinated by a 21 Acres guide. The presentations will utilize 21 Acres’ building, farm, and practices as inspiration and models for learning. Five bucks at the door will get you in but a RSVP is requested. Doors open at 6:30, presentations start at 7, so arrive a bit early to network and share updates with others interested in good work being done in great workplaces.

For more information, call 425-481-1500 or send Deb an email, deb@21acres.org.

To register, click here.