21 Acres: Classic Composting Strategies For Fall Clean-up: Worm Bin Workshop – Nov 1

1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
21 Acres Center for Local Food and Sustainable Living
13701 NE 171st St, Woodinville, WA

Fall presents many opportunities for kitchen food waste and yard waste composting. 21 Acres is pleased to offer a free class on compost troubleshooting for new and experienced composters. Soon after this class, two workshops will follow: A Yard Waste Workshop and a Worm Bin Workshop where practical techniques and strategies for making clean compost will be demonstrated. Attend our free class and participate in the workshops at 21 Acres this fall and learn how to become a composting wizard.

Worm Bin Workshop

Verm-a what? Vermiculture! Learn how to mix worms with your kitchen waste and create powerful compost guaranteed to enrich your garden soil. When you add red wigglers to chopped food scraps, good things happen. Learn to build a worm bin for any space and watch soil magic happen. When this three-hour workshop is over, you will understand how to create a worm bin container and the simple behaviors you need to follow that are necessary to maintain a living, working compost machine.

Instructor: Tyler Morrison is an ecologist with degrees in both ecology and conservation biology.  He has gardened in one way or another just about everywhere he has lived and just can’t stay sane without getting his hands dirty on a regular basis.  His passion for local and durable sustainability led him to study and practice homesteading in a number of environments where composting was an important land use practice.  He is eager to share his knowledge and his experience with all audiences.

Registration & Enrollment: Standard fee is $25, discounted rate for 21 Acres members is $20. There are three ways to register; online, by e-mail, or by phone (425-481-1500).