"Voluntary Simplicity" Discussion Group about to begin — only two slots left!

Northwest Earth Institute discussion course books give people a framework to talk about their relationship with the planet and to share in discovering new ways to live, work, create and consume.  Their discussion courses have been used in the workplace, on college campuses, in centers of faith, and in the community. The courses are designed to help break big issues into bite-sized pieces. And they help create a personal network of shared stories and support that makes it easy to take action.

Sustainable Ballard is forming a Voluntary Simplicity discussion group.

Voluntary Simplicity helps participants examine how modern society can interfere with caring for the planet. Together, we will explore how consumption patterns have an impact on us and our relationships, as well as the environment. We will discover ways to slow down and live simply.

NWEI is in the process of updating Voluntary Simplicity.  The new version of the course book (new title:  A Different Way: Living Simply in a Complex World) is projected to be available in February, so we plan to start our group in mid-March.  We expect to get together eight times:  one organizing meeting, six course sessions, and one celebration gathering.  Day/s of the week, frequency of the gatherings, whether or not there will be refreshments, etc., will be determined by the group.  If you are interested in joining, please contact Margaret.