Tool Library Coming Soon!

Ballard Tool Library

 A tool library is coming to Ballard!  BallardToolLogo

What is a tool library? Just like a normal library, a tool library is a sustainable public service that provides community access to tools and an exchange of knowledge, at little to no cost.

Future Events

Please see the Sustainable Ballard events calendar for events.

Our Vision

The Ballard Tool Library will promote a sharing economy, mutual reliance, and environmental stewardship for our community.

Our Mission

  • To build community by sharing tools, ideas, and know-how.

How Can You Help?

We still need to find a location for the Ballard Tool Library!

We would like for the location to be

  • Centrally located in Ballard
  • 500-1000 square feet
  • Little to no cost

Please contact Anna Fidgeon if you have a location or you’d like to help out!