You Could be St. Luke’s Episcopal Church Next Groundskeeper

Hi Gardening Friends,

St. Lukes has an opening for a live-in Groundskeeper! See the job description here:

Position Opening 

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

5710 22nd Ave. NW

Seattle, Washington 98107

Residential Building and Grounds Manager for church property in the heart of Ballard, including 7 buildings, community garden and landscaping.  A one bedroom duplex with full bath and kitchen is provided rent free (utilities not included) in exchange for 15 hours/week of employment.  Off-street parking for one vehicle provided.

The Residential Building and Grounds Manager works with the Vicar (priest), staff and volunteers to tend the landscaping of the grounds and perform simple maintenance of the buildings.  Large or more complex repairs and maintenance will be handled by other professionals.  The Manager is required to live on the property as a condition of employment in order to properly accomplish the necessary duties.

Building and Grounds Manager Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Maintaining the lawn (mowing, edging, fertilizing, weeding)
  2. Pruning and deadheading shrubs and trees as needed
  3. Insuring that the grounds are clean (leaf blowing, graffiti and trash removal)
  4. Monitoring, maintaining and winterizing the irrigation system and watering by hand as needed
  5. Planting, weeding, fertilizing and deadheading flower beds
  6. Directing volunteers to help with tasks on the grounds
  7. Simple electrical, plumbing, painting and repair projects as needed
  8. Maintaining and keeping clean tools and equipment used in this work
  9. Assisting the Residential Caretaker in monitoring the security and safety of the property and parking lot
  10. Working with the St. Luke’s Urban Garden (SLUG) Steering Committee on projects and maintenance of the community garden


  • Knowledge and experience in gardening and yard work, including using equipment and tools
  • Experience in handling simple repairs and projects, including working with a variety of tools
  • Must be able to carry up to 40 pounds, access all the buildings and property and climb a ladder


  • Successful completion of a criminal background check.  
  • Participation in Safeguarding God’s People, Safeguarding God’s Children and De-escalation training within the first 6 months of hire.

Apply by sending a resume and/or letter of interest to:

The Rev. Canon Britt Olson

The wonderful Groundskeeper at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Andrew is moving at the end of August to his new farm and home outside of Olympia.

Equal Opportunity Employer. LGBTQIA affirming. No religious affiliation required.