What does open space mean to you?

Funded by a grant from the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, Groundswell NW is assessing our community’s open space current capacity and future open space needs.  The Ballard Open Space Plan is a community-driven initiative that will improve livability in the Ballard and Crown Hill areas through fostering an open dialogue about public open space. We’re updating the 1996 inventory, which led to the creation of parks like Thyme Patch Park, Kirke Park, Ballard Commons Park, and Ballard Corners Park.

Groundswell NW is recruiting people for their Discovery Day on June 14th, where volunteers will hit the pavement throughout Ballard using smartphones and/or maps to identify opportunities for new parks and public spaces. Open space includes parks, trails, rights-of-way, public art, natural areas, spaces for events and festivals, and other green infrastructure .

Groundswell NW looks forward to hearing what open space means to you!


Questions?  Contact David Folweiler, Groundswell NW president at 206-714-4271.