Will you join us to #ReToolBallard with fresh perspective?

by Jenny Heins, Executive Director

There’s no denying the last two years have been hard. We have suffered in countless ways. Not just from the pandemic, but also from the effects of climate change and systemic racism that have become more and more apparent. The storm of change is hard, but sometimes hard can be good. It forces us to think in new ways, to find better solutions or to look at problems from a different perspective

In a way, the Ballard Tool Library for us is a metaphor for last couple of years. Due to the sudden loss of our extraordinary Tool Library Manager, things changed dramatically for the Tool Library. We could have given up and shut down, but we’ve chosen to take this time of inactivity to re-think, re-organize and re-tool how we do things. The Tool Library will be back in 2022 to function more safely and effectively for the community.

What have you learned over the past two years about compassion, community and interconnectedness? Together, we stood up and said “Black Lives Matter” in the face of racism and police violence. Together, we improved air and water quality when we all stayed home and cut back on our consumerism. And together, we masked up and got vaccinated, lowering COVID rates dramatically.

But… The climate crisis has not abated. Wildfires and hurricanes continue to shake communities. Racism is not solved. News of violence against our BIPOC neighbors has barely slowed. And COVID is still coming at us in waves. The current supply chain crisis is giving us the opportunity now to focus on community and family, rather than “stuff,” for the holidays.

At Sustainable Ballard, we have been thinking good and hard about what makes for a strong and resilient community. We’re keeping our community support projects afloat, standing up for BIPOC neighbors, and looking for ways to make our organization more diverse and equitable. 

Join us in re-thinking what kind of world we can re-create when we put people and community first. Support Sustainable Ballard for #GivingTuesday and let’s #ReToolBallard with new perspective.

We’re Giving Back…

This #GivingTuesday, we’re making it easy for you to join with us and see what kind of world we can create when we put people and community first. Support Sustainable Ballard for #GivingTuesday and let’s #ReToolBallard with new perspective.

Make a #GivingTuesday donation, and we’ll send you a free digital Chinook Book. Is there a Ballard neighbor who you would like to celebrate with a donation to Sustainable Ballard in their honor? We will recognize you and them in our newsletter, and you’ll both receive a Digital Chinook Book subscription.

In December, we’ll share our lists of easily accessible books and movies for learning more about Race and Equity. We’ll also share lists of racially diverse local businesses and organizations that you can support with your patronage and year-end giving.

There are several other ways that you can pitch in, too!

  1. GIVE TIME: Volunteer with a Sustainable Ballard project
  2. GIVE VOICE: Share our social media posts with your network
  3. GIVE MONEY: Add or Renew a Supporting Membership (act by Tuesday night and receive a free digital Chinook Book)
  4. GIVE SKILLS: Apply to become a Board Member
  5. SHARE OUR MISSION: Join our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Taskforce

As they say, we’re all in this together.

Stay safe and happy holidays!