Volunteer with Our Bakery Gleaning Team

SB Bakery Gleaning Team continues to team up with Tall Grass Bakery and Mighty-O Donuts to pick up unsold products at least twice per week and deliver to St. Luke’s Edible Hope daily breakfast program. Most team members chose 2-3 times per month to participate, but if you only have one opportunity per month to participate you are welcome! 

 The Bakery Gleaning team picks up unsold Mighty-O donuts on Sunday mornings and Wednesday mornings. The team picks up unsold bread from Tall Grass Bakery on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. The baked goods are then delivered to St. Luke’s Edible Hope program (across from the Ballard Commons park) on Monday and Thursday mornings before their breakfast service begins. The exception is Wednesday morning donuts from Mighty-O which can be picked up and delivered immediately on Wednesday morning. 

A car or transportation is needed due to the volume of the donations. The donut donation can be up to 8 boxes at a time. The bread is donated in large bags and usually there are 3-5 bags.

A Recent Bread and Baked Goods Collection

The sign up sheet is sent out by project lead Christine usually 10-12 days before the end of the month for the upcoming month. If you are interested but don’t have a lot of time, you are still welcome. Sometimes we just need someone to do a one off pick up. 

If you have time, even just maybe a few hours once per month, consider volunteering with this project. For more info or to sign up email Chris