CANCELED — U.W. Botanic Gardens Class: Invasive Species and Your Garden – May 2

WHEN:  Monday, May 2, 2016, 6:30 – 7:30pm
WHERE:  Center for Urban Horticulture, Douglas Classroom (3501 NE 41st St
Seattle, WA 98105)

DESCRIPTION:  What does your garden have to do with the invasive species problem in our natural areas?  We will discuss invasive species in the Pacific Northwest and what we can all do to curb new introductions and take on those species that have already invaded.UW Botanic Gardens: Invasive Species and Your Garden

Dr. Lizbeth Seebacher has lead numerous workshops and trainings in invasive species biology and species identification for the general public. Currently, Dr. Seebacher works for the Washington State Department of Ecology as a Wetland and Aquatic Biologist where she manages two independent programs on aquatic invasive plants and freshwater algae.  She is a board member for the Society of Wetland Scientist, the Washington Invasive Species Council and the PNW Invasive Plant Council.

PRESENTER:  Lizbeth Seebacher, WA Dept. of Ecology, PNW Invasive Plant Council