Time to Water Your Trees!

From our friends at Trees for Seattle

Springtime in Seattle means flowers in bloom, longer days, and that it’s time to start watering your young trees! Here are some tips from the City of Seattle’s Trees for Seattle Website:

How Much Water: Check on a tree’s need for water by digging down about 2 inches below the surface. Aim to keep the soil around your tree’s roots damp – not dry but also not overly saturated. Young trees need 15-20 gallons of water twice a week over Seattle’s dry summer months for the first 5 years after they are planted. Giving young trees enough water helps them establish strong root systems so the tree can survive increasingly common drought conditions. Proper watering also helps young trees ward off pests and disease and to grow healthy and strong.

Water Bags Offer Efficient Watering: Water bags are the best way to get your tree the right amount of water most efficiently while avoiding wasting water through runoff from a hose. Secure the bag around your tree and fill it completely twice per week. Water is released slowly into the soil, soaking the root zone without wasting water. You can leave your water bags out all summer for convenience and to serve as a visual reminder to water.

Prevent Evaporation with Mulch: Up to half of the water given to trees can be lost through evaporation. The best way to save water and retain moisture for your tree is by adding mulch. Spread a 3-4” thick layer in a 4-foot-wide donut shape around the base of your tree, keeping the mulch about a hand’s width away from the trunk. Add a fresh layer each spring as last year’s mulch breaks down into the soil.

For more tree care tips and other helpful info, visit the Trees for Seattle website

Ballard neighbors plant trees provided by Seattle’s Tree Fund