Think Green Challenge

Thanks to outreach efforts in the Think Green Recycling Challenge with Waste Management, we were awarded $2600 and were able to direct some funding to our festival, the Reusable Cups Campaign and a new project supporting an after school gardening Education program at Ballard Community Center – coming in 2015! This was our 4th and final year for the Think Green Challenge (Outreach Award in 2 of those years, totaling $5900!) Many thanks to Waste Management and all our volunteers!

posterThe City of Seattle was very impressed with all of the outreach we participated in – Christmas carols, costume and spring-cleaning swaps, event booths, reusable bag pledges, and answers to “I love recycling, because…” that would put Shakespeare to shame. Visit our facebook post to see some of our answers.  Thanks to everyone who participated in our outreach events.

Good going, neighbors!  And thanks for reading our Monthly Waste Reduction Tips.