@ the FESTIVAL! – Leaves of Remembrance


For more than a decade, The Homeless Remembrance Project–a collaborative community effort facilitated by the homeless women of WHEEL–has created places of hope, healing, and beauty to honor and remember homeless people who have died in King County.  The Project has two parts:  A beautiful “Tree of Life” sculpture and gathering place at Victor Steinbrueck Park (north of Pike Place Market), and “Leaves of Remembrance,” with names, embedded in sidewalks throughout the City.

 ALL ARE INVITED TO WITNESS AND CELEBRATE the September 28th dedication of six new “Leaves of Remembrance” around Ballard Commons Park (where 25 Leaves already are).

leavesWe’re remembering these beloved community members:  Jeffrey Parker Bouck, Kenny Stoddard, Will Johnson, Cecil “Marty” White Face, Michael “Mike” Sheely, and Marvin “Marv” Hosking, Jr.  We’ll also rededicate/place a pre-existing Leaf for Karen Lee Pedersen.

Please visit www.fallenleaves.org for stories and photos!

The event starts with a 3:30 PM Ceremony at the Park.  Then there’ll be a chance to share stories, memories, and refreshments at a Reception hosted at the nearby Bridge Care Center (at St Luke’s Episcopal Church, 5710—22nd Avenue NW).  Please join us!

For more information: (206) 956-0334 or email wheelorg@yahoo.com
Websites:  www.fallenleaves.org & www.homelessremembrance.org