Thanks for the Clean Power Plan…. And let's keep moving!

This week President Barack Obama and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy officially announced our nation’s best step yet in the fight against global climate change. It was, as Administrator McCarthy said, “an incredibly wicked cool moment.”

President Obama’s action on climate sets the country’s first-ever carbon pollution standards for power plants.

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President Obama and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency presented the Clean Power Plan with the expectation that it will be a strong national policy that will contribute significantly to boosting the clean energy economy, build renewable energy generation by 2030, and grow more investment in the clean energy economy. With the rules, the EPA also aims to protect the health of Americans, preventing asthma attacks, missed work and school days, and many more health impacts exacerbated by rising temperatures and fossil fuel pollution. Today was an historic moment in holding the fossil fuel industry accountable for the cost of climate pollution.

Companies and investors from around the country came together in support of the actions set forth in the Clean Power Plan. In an open letter to the National Governor’s Association, a letter from over 350 companies urges the states to take bold action. Business voices from the Northwest include Adidas, Virginia Mason Hospital, Broadway Cab, Fort George Brewery and Public House, Imperium Renewables, Indow, K2 Sports, Neil Kelly Co., Trillium Asset Management, and many more. These companies understand the tremendous opportunity that tackling climate change presents – through continued investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency and more, we can save American’s money on utility bills and grow jobs across the nation.

The Clean Power Plan isn’t the only way we will solve the climate crisis, but it’s a significant step in the right direction. President Obama’s leadership was critical in making the EPA’s Clean Power Plan a success, and he still has time to leave a legacy on climate action.

Urge President Obama to keep leading on climate action. Take action today to thank him for his leadership on the Clean Power Plan and make it clear that he needs to address climate change.

Encourage him to continue strong action on climate, including demonstrating bold leadership during the Paris climate negotiations in December.

Click here to see a statement from Climate Solutions and key allies throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Thanks for all you do,

Gregg Small,
Executive Director
Climate Solutions