Thank you to New Seasons!

We are grateful for the support of New Seasons Market!  As a Bag It Forward partner at the Ballard store, we received a contribution from them, voted on by their customers.  And we’ll be one of their partners through January of 2019.

Bag It Forward



With the New Seasons Bag It Forward program, you can donate your five-cent reusable bag refund to one of three nonprofits in our neighborhood, one that supports K-12 schools, one that works to end hunger in our community and one that promotes environmental conservation — that’s us!

As of October 2018, New Seasons has expanded their Bag It Forward program to include all reusable containers! You’ll now get a five-cent refund for things like using reusable produce bags, bringing in your own jars or containers when buying bulk, and more! You can take the credit off your total, or drop a bean in the jar to donate to one of your store’s three local non-profits.

Thanks to New Seasons’ generous customers at all of their stores, $315,283.85 has been donated to Bag it Forward partners since the beginning of the program!