Take the City of Seattle Resilience Survey

Resilience is a critical element of sustainability.  The City of Seattle is developing a resilience strategy and would like your input.  From the Seattle GreenSpace blog:

Building Seattle’s Resilience

Click the image to share your thoughts in a 5-minute survey. This survey will provide critical guidance to our work

Seattle is known for its progressive policies, stunning natural environment, a thriving economy, and an overall high quality of life. However, we also share same urban challenges of other large cities including significant racial disparities around housing, economic opportunity, education, and public health. Our rapid pace of our growth threatens to amplify these disparities.

Additionally, Seattle sits on and is near several seismic faults that have historically been the epicenter of catastrophic earthquakes. We rely on the abundant rainfall and snowpack to provide safe drinking water and affordable, clean hydroelectric power. However, climate change will impact these resources and also increases the risk of serious flooding.

In order to continue to thrive in the face of ongoing stressors as well as in the instance of catastrophic events, Seattle must build and grow our resilience. In partnership with the 100RC–Pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation–we have launched an effort to develop a robust resilience assessment and a corresponding strategy to that will build on our strengths and shore up our gaps. This work will examine and answer the question:

How can Seattle continue to thrive amidst ongoing urban challenges, prepare for sudden shocks and catastrophic events, and create opportunities for all residents to enjoy a prosperous, healthy, and high quality of life?