Sustainable Ballard Sprouts Provides Healthy Plants to Seattle Giving Gardeners

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Ballard Sprouts plants over 20,000 seeds each February and tends the small plants until they are hearty enough to be put in to the soil in early April. These plants are free to Seattle Giving Gardeners who will grow the plants to maturity and donate the harvest to the Seattle area food banks. These Sprouts give the gardeners a head start on the growing season. In 2021 the Seattle Giving Gardeners donated over 40,000 pounds of organic produce to the food banks.

Ballard Sprouts is funded by the Seattle Giving Garden Network ( SGGN is participating in the SeedMoney Campaign to raise funds so we can continue to provide healthy small plants to the gardeners who grow food for the food banks in 2022. We have had a great start in this campaign and have raised 72% of our goal of $5,000. We have until Dec 14th to reach our goal.

All funds donated to SGGN via the SeedMoney Campaign platform go directly to SGGN. Please follow this link and make a contribution:

The SeedMoney campaign site provides matching grants for the project that has the most donors. Every small donation helps. We currently have 44 donors, let’s make it over 100 and show the SeedMoney campaign how many people know and support our efforts.

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Kit from Ballard Sprouts