Sustainable Ballard Market Gleaning End of Year Report

This year, the Market Gleaners collected over 26,000 pounds of food from vendors at the Ballard Farmers Market and brought it to the Ballard Food Bank. The gleaners completed around 400 volunteer hours spread across 6 incredible gleaning leads, 13 new volunteers, and about 30 more amazing gleaners. We also got to view and bring produce to the brand new food bank for the last 3 months of the year.

The Sustainable Ballard Market Gleaning Team collects donation of food from the Sunday Ballard Farmers Market, which operates year-round. The extra food collected from the Ballard Farmers Market vendors at the end of each Sunday’s market is delivered to the nearby Ballard Food Bank. It’s fun and makes a tangible difference!

We can always use more hands to help out with gleaning! Volunteers can expect to help by collecting produce from the vendors, carrying boxes and sorting the collected food into containers at the Food Bank. Gleaning takes place from 1:45pm to ~4pm on Sundays, and we’re flexible with how often you volunteer – even giving your time once a month makes an impact in our community.

Email Jill with the subject line “New Gleaning Volunteer.”