Save the Trees Protest – Feb 12

February 8, 2016: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE from Seattle Green Spaces Coalition
Protest action against Seattle City Light in Ballard at noon on Friday, February 12th.
Primary Media Contact : Mary Fleck Cell:206.719.6420

Where: 7750 28th Ave NE, Ballard. Site of Seattle City Light’s surplus property, the
former Loyal Heights Substation (to beat the chainsaws to public land).loyal heights substation

When: Friday Feb 12, at high noon

Why: The city intends to cut down three large and exceptional ornamental cherry trees,
and others, before a decision has been made whether to keep the land as a pocket park or
to sell it to private developers.  Seattle City Light has consistently sidestepped public
process as they did with the Market Street site last summer (now site of sanctioned
transitional encampment). It’s not just about the trees. It’s the pattern of behavior that is
fueling very angry citizens, because of lack of process.

If not for vigilant neighbors the trees could have been cut with only 10-day public
comment notice (posted on 2.2.16).

The healthy trees would be protected as exceptional if they were on private, not public
property. Notice claims they will be unstable after mitigation for contaminated soil
(pesticides). This is misleading. They want to remove them before cleanup; but there
are methods that have been used successfully by SCL on other sites (soil vacuuming) in
West Seattle.

Protesters are demanding that the area be secured with construction fencing, and the trees
kept until the final use of the property has been determined. They also call for an
independent environmental contractor to assess soil remediation options and the overall
impacts to the adjoining neighbors.

Organized by Seattle Green Spaces Coalition,, Keep Ballard Trees Standing,
Friends of the Sunset Hill Substation (additional organizational support pending).

Contacts: (all available for interviews and to provide additional materials)

Mary Fleck, Co-Chair, Seattle Green Spaces Coalition 206.719.6420
Cass Turnbull,
Diana Gardiner, Keep Ballard Trees Standing, Tree Ambassador

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