Save the Ballard P-Patch! Lots of opportunities to help.

From our friends and allies at the Ballard P-Patch ~

Thank you to everyone for your continued support to Save Ballard P-Patch. The King County Parks and Open Space Replacement Levy passed last month, and the Ballard P-Patch is hopeful that some of those funds will be allocated to our cause. To ensure this, we are doubling down on our efforts this month to raise awareness.

We need to demonstrate to our civic leaders that the community values this green space, and that funding our cause will bring a lasting positive change to the neighborhood. To that end, we have several events this month and we encourage you to attend at least one to help show your support.

We’re gathering signatures, and we’d love to add you to our list! Sign our petition on

Upcoming Events

Friday, Sept 20: PARKing Day. We’re joining our allies the Seattle Green Space Coalition.  We’ll be at 65th and 14th with a Pop-up Park to celebrate open space.  It’s a city-wide initiative, and we’re using it to raise awareness for our cause.

Saturday, Sept 21: Fisherman’s Fall Festival. Come celebrate our Nordic heritage and Ballard’s many fisher-folk, past and present. We’ll participate with petitions, literature and gnome hats.

Sunday, Sept 22: Community Rally at Bergen Park. Ballard P-Patch invites all supporters to join in on our first Community Rally on Sunday, September 22nd from 11am – 1pm at Bergen Place Park  (located at 22nd Ave NW and Market Street in Ballard).
Hold a sign, chant a cheer, elicit a honk from a passing supporter and help energize the community and  garner support to Save Ballard P-Patch!   With over 100+ supporters expected this will be a major event for all allies, supporters and gardeners to attend to show their public support.

Saturday, Sept 28: Sustainable Ballard Festival. We’ll participate with our allies, Sustainable Ballard.  Look for a pop-up tent, and some gnomes with petitions and literature.

Now is the time to secure this land, protecting the garden as a community treasure for generations to come!

Thank you,
Ballard P-Patch